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Below is a selection of research notes Asylos has completed since January 2014. Each research note refers to a specific case and request from a lawyer, and is not intended to be an exhaustive, stand-alone document. Notes are available either in English or in French.

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TitleLanguageNote completed onReport (pdf)Country of research
Afghanistan: Armed groups in Mazar-e-Sharif English 11/12/2017 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan
Bas-Congo: La répression par les autorités congolaises de la manifestation du 1er février 2007 French 10/12/2017 Télécharger le PDF Congo (Democratic Republic Of The)
RDC: ​traitement de l'hypogonadisme hypergonadotrope French 10/12/2017 Télécharger le PDF Congo (Democratic Republic Of The)
Zimbabwe: treatment of LGBT women English 09/12/2017 Télécharger le PDF Zimbabwe
Afghanistan: living conditions outside Kabul English 07/12/2017 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Travel from Kabul to Qarabagh, Ghazni English 05/12/2017 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan
Nigeria: return of women victims of trafficking English 01/12/2017 Télécharger le PDF Nigeria
Eritrea: risks on return of a deserter identifying as Intersex English 30/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Eritrea
Jordan: the situation for transgender people English 30/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Jordan
Afghanistan: Afghan national army recruit in Shinwar district, Nangarhar English 27/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan
Sudan: Refugee family reunion English 19/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Sudan
Saudi Arabia: ​Obtaining​ ​Saudi​ ​citizenship​ ​for​ ​persons​ ​with Palestinian​ ​nationality English 19/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Saudi Arabia
Algeria: treatment of patients affected by Hemophilia A English 16/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Algeria
Azerbaïdjan : Traitement des Azerbaïdjanais d’origine arménienne French 16/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Azerbaijan
Belarus: treatment of asylum seekers English 10/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Belarus
Afghanistan: Love marriages French 09/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan
Somalia: treatment of minorities, child rape and domestic abuse English 06/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Somalia
Nigeria: risk of persecution by "Axe Men" English 06/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Nigeria
Nepal: Risk of exploitative work/forced labour for young adult males English 04/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Nepal
Afghanistan:​ ​ Persecution​ ​ of​ ​ Hazara​ ​ by​ ​ Kuchis​ ​ in​ ​ Wardak Province English 01/11/2017 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan