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Below is a selection of research notes Asylos has completed since January 2014. Each research note refers to a specific case and request from a lawyer, and is not intended to be an exhaustive, stand-alone document. Notes are available either in English or in French.

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TitleLanguageNote completed onReport (pdf)Country of research
United Arab Emirates: Citizenship and Acquisition of Nationality English 05/08/2019 Télécharger le PDF United Arab Emirates
India: Access to Mental Health Care English 01/08/2019 Télécharger le PDF India
Mexico: Narco-trafficking related violence in Michoacan English 31/07/2019 Télécharger le PDF Mexico
Colombia: Legal framework, protection and societal issues around domestic violence English 23/07/2019 Télécharger le PDF Colombia
DRC: Persecution of 'Banyamulenge' and former AFDL members English 30/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Congo (Democratic Republic Of The)
Algeria: Treatment of bipolar disorder English 29/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Algeria
Sierra Leone: Persecution of Fulani converted to Christianity in the context of forced initiation into the Poro society, Bo district English 28/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Sierra Leone
Ethiopia: psycho-social support for female survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) English 24/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Ethiopia
Ukraine: Conditions for LGBT People English 18/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Ukraine
Eritrea: Stateless/undocumented persons in Sudan English 11/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Eritrea
Angola: Orphan Children and Related Issues English 06/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Angola
Nigeria: Availability and Accessibility of Dialysis English 05/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Nigeria
Bulgaria: Conditions of Refugees English 02/06/2019 Télécharger le PDF Bulgaria
Mexico: Persecution due to religion, gangs, and disability English 30/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF Mexico
Albania: Trafficked Boys and Young Men English 23/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF Albania
RDC : Membres du BDM et participation à des manifestations de ce mouvement en 2017 à Kinshasa French 16/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF Congo (Democratic Republic Of The)
El Salvador: Situation of the LGBTQ community English 15/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF El Salvador
DRC: Healthcare for HIV English 12/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF Congo (Democratic Republic Of The)
Albania: Protection from blood feuds English 08/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF Albania
Mali: Slavery of the Soninké lower caste ethnicity English 01/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF Mali


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