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Below is a selection of research notes Asylos has completed since January 2014. Each research note refers to a specific case and request from a lawyer, and is not intended to be an exhaustive, stand-alone document. Notes are available either in English or in French.

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TitleLanguageNote completed onReport (pdf)Country of research
Albania: Protection from blood feuds English 08/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF Albania
Mali: Slavery of the Soninké lower caste ethnicity English 01/05/2019 Télécharger le PDF Mali
Romania: Roma discrimination and maternal health English 30/04/2019 Télécharger le PDF Romania
La Gambie: relations interethniques et situation des migrants/réfugiés Sierra Léonais French 23/04/2019 Télécharger le PDF Gambia
Soudan: Conditions de sécurité à Mellit, Darfur du Nord, et la situation humanitaire du camp Abassi (2014 – 2015) French 15/04/2019 Télécharger le PDF Sudan
Tunisia: Persecution of Converted Muslims English 01/04/2019 Télécharger le PDF Tunisia
Uganda: Political persecution of Burundian citizens as refugees English 01/04/2019 Télécharger le PDF Uganda
Angola: Instrumentalisation of Children in Drug Trafficking Activities English 01/04/2019 Télécharger le PDF Angola
Cameroon: Lack of Social Protection for Single Women English 30/03/2019 Télécharger le PDF Cameroon
Mauritanie: intimidation et surveillance des militants des droits humains French 18/03/2019 Télécharger le PDF Mauritania
Honduras: LGBT Rights English 14/03/2019 Télécharger le PDF Honduras
Cameroon: Situation for SDF supporters and Anglophones English 13/03/2019 Télécharger le PDF Cameroon
Afghanistan: Returnees to Guzarah District, Province of Herat, with links to local Taliban and criminal gangs English 10/03/2019 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan
Saudi Arabia: Legal status of foreigners born and living in Saudi Arabia English 01/03/2019 Télécharger le PDF Saudi Arabia
Ghana: Zongo Boys English 22/02/2019 Télécharger le PDF Ghana
Iran : Persécutions des professionnels des médias French 18/02/2019 Télécharger le PDF Iran
Guatemala: Cultural and societal attitudes regarding indigenous women English 12/02/2019 Télécharger le PDF Guatemala
Honduras: Forced Underage Recruitment by Transnational Criminal Organisation Mara 18 English 01/02/2019 Télécharger le PDF Honduras
Sudan: treatment of family members of opposition group members by authorities English 01/02/2019 Télécharger le PDF Sudan
Afghanistan: actes de décès French 25/01/2019 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan


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