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Below is a selection of research notes Asylos has completed since January 2014. Each research note refers to a specific case and request from a lawyer, and is not intended to be an exhaustive, stand-alone document. Notes are available either in English or in French.

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TitleLanguageNote completed onReport (pdf)Country of research
Angola: Conditions d’exercice de la profession de journaliste French 07/01/2019 Télécharger le PDF Angola
Honduras: Access to abortion English 07/01/2019 Télécharger le PDF Honduras
Azerbaijan: Mobilization, Hazing, and Desertion in the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army English 05/01/2019 Télécharger le PDF Azerbaijan
Kosovo: Les femmes qui ont des relations sexuelles hors de mariage et leurs enfants French 21/12/2018 Télécharger le PDF Kosovo
Kosovo: Mariage forcé French 17/12/2018 Télécharger le PDF Kosovo
Armenia/Karabakh : Access to medical treatment English 15/12/2018 Télécharger le PDF Armenia
Nicaragua: State protection against abuse of female minors and gang crime English 09/12/2018 Télécharger le PDF Nicaragua
Iran: Return of a single Afghan male youth English 30/11/2018 Télécharger le PDF Iran
Guinée: Rôle des femmes diakhanké dans les questions d’héritage French 28/11/2018 Télécharger le PDF Guinea
Uzbekistan: Discrimination against ethnic minorities and human rights situation in the country post-2016 English 20/11/2018 Télécharger le PDF Uzbekistan
Syria: Risks faced by returnees English 20/11/2018 Télécharger le PDF Syria
Cameroon: The availability of mental health facilities and services, and the reintegration of failed asylum seekers English 12/11/2018 Télécharger le PDF Cameroon
Brazil: Healthcare, rights and protections available to LGBTI people living with HIV English 09/11/2018 Télécharger le PDF Brazil
Egypt: Risk to people who have renounced Islam and joined the Jehovah’s Witness movement English 01/11/2018 Télécharger le PDF Egypt
Mexico: Protection of former gang members English 30/10/2018 Télécharger le PDF Mexico
Géorgie: Disponibilité de médicaments French 20/10/2018 Télécharger le PDF Georgia
Soudan: Persécution des individus rapatriés French 18/10/2018 Télécharger le PDF Sudan
Kosovo: Les activités de l’armée nationale albanaise au Kosovo French 17/10/2018 Télécharger le PDF Kosovo
Iraq: Availability of HIV medication and other drugs English 17/10/2018 Télécharger le PDF Iraq
Bangladesh: Victim of Trafficking for Organ Removal English 16/10/2018 Télécharger le PDF Bangladesh


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