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Below is a selection of research notes Asylos has completed since January 2014. Each research note refers to a specific case and request from a lawyer, and is not intended to be an exhaustive, stand-alone document. Notes are available either in English or in French.

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TitleLanguageNote completed onReport (pdf)Country of research
Georgia: Situation of LGBTQI persons English 19/11/2019 Télécharger le PDF Georgia
Djibouti: Situation politique et traitement de l’opposition French 04/11/2019 Télécharger le PDF Djibouti
Jamaica: Witness protection programme and gangs English 21/10/2019 Télécharger le PDF Jamaica
Peru: Sexuality, HIV, and Discrimination English 20/10/2019 Télécharger le PDF Peru
Iraq: Legal and customary practices around forced marriage and divorce in Iraqi Kurdistan English 18/10/2019 Télécharger le PDF Iraq
Indonesia: Religion and trade union activities English 03/10/2019 Télécharger le PDF Indonesia
Iraq: Christian converts English 30/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF Iraq
Sri Lanka: Persecution of journalists and availability of mental health care English 19/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF Sri Lanka
El Salvador: Gang criminality and discrimination on disabilities English 15/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF El Salvador
Uzbekistan: Discrimination against Ethnic Minorities and Human Rights Situation in the Country Post-2016 (2019 Update) English 13/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF Uzbekistan
Guinée: Réexcision French 11/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF Guinea
The Gambia: Situation for LGBTI Individuals English 11/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF Gambia
Namibia: Economic Opportunities for Women and Prevalence of Trafficking of Women and Child Labour English 04/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF Namibia
Iraq: Situation of Sunni Women in Baghdad English 02/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF Iraq
Honduras: Gang Violence English 02/09/2019 Télécharger le PDF Honduras
Turkey: Citizenship for Palestinians born in Turkey English 30/08/2019 Télécharger le PDF Turkey
Afghanistan: Afghans brought up in Iran and returned to Afghanistan from Europe English 27/08/2019 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Access to treatment for HIV-positive person English 16/08/2019 Télécharger le PDF Afghanistan
Russia: Situation of atheists in Chechnya English 15/08/2019 Télécharger le PDF Russia
Honduras: Gang violence English 13/08/2019 Télécharger le PDF Honduras


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