How to access Asylos’s research notes

Below is a selection of research notes Asylos has completed since January 2014. Each research note refers to a specific case and request from a lawyer, and is not intended to be an exhaustive, stand-alone document. Notes are available either in English or in French.

Only registered users can access the pdf files when clicking on the corresponding icon. To access the reports please sign in using the form below. If you do not have an account yet, register here. Please note that Asylos reports are only shared with legal advisors, NGO staff, volunteers and other individuals accompanying asylum seekers in their Refugee Status Determination procedure.

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Firstly, choose if you want to search a specific country of research or a keyword in the title.

Secondly, please be aware that:

  • Countries of research have to be searched in English.
  • Titles of the notes can be either in French or in English. Consequently, you should try your keyword in both languages.