How to submit a request?

We research the state of human rights in countries of origin or transit of asylum seekers or investigate any specific facts pertinent to an individual claim. We conduct research in support of protection, human rights, medical and trafficking cases, as well as family and private life related claims. The research is free of charge, conducted by Asylos’s volunteers.

If you are a lawyer or an NGO, if you are working on an asylum case and need help with with finding information, you can use the form below to submit a research request.

If you are unsure how to develop your research question for a specific legal claim, we advise you to consult the very useful handbook from Accord which explains how to formulate research questions for asylum cases.

Our methodology

When researching information, we systematically check

  • dedicated COI databases, such as and Refworld
  • academic literature through Google Scholar and reports from think tanks not included in the sources above
  • international and national media sources in English and the local language (in some cases also French and German media outlets)

Where necessary, we will reach out to experts and local contacts to request additional information. If relevant, we will use other research techniques such as searching on social media, retrieving and verifying video footage, making use of satellite imagery, and creating and analysing datasets.

Depending on the topic, you will receive a report, or a list of links which will provide you with sources, facts and findings; their evaluation must remain your responsibility.

Sorry, our Research Request Form is closed for the holidays!


We’ll be back online from the 7th January 2019.


In the meantime, if you received one of our reports this year, please go to our follow-up form to tell us how the case went.

Follow-up information is essential to Asylos’ work:

  • it helps us keep track of our successes
  • we can identify where to improve
  • it keeps our funders happy!